Cheat TP Ninja Saga 28 Oktober 2012 Update

Download New Cheat TP Ninja Saga 28 Oktober 2012 Terbaru - Kali ini Info The Tips akan Update Cheat TP Ninja Saga 28 Oktober 2012. tunggu besok yaitu Cheat TPNinja Saga 29 Oktober 2012.

Cheat TP Ninja Saga 28 Oktober 2012 Terbaru - Now I will discuss the tp hack cheat ninja saga. In my day we only can get 30 TP, well if you use this cheat can get an additional 10 TP. Although only 10 TP quite right, so one day we can get 40 TP. Remember the 40 TP per day !!!!!!!!! You can just go to a Grade C, continued to live run mission. A mission can only 1 time! (Delay of about 5 seconds!) And do not run the same

mission, will be an error! It's not just cheat TP, but also includes instant goldan mission cheat! we'll wait for the Cheat Ninja Saga NS TP Hack [Talent Point] 02,022,011.

Cheat TP Ninja Saga 27 Oktober 2012

2. SWF Files

1. Download the first fiddler
2. Then Install Fiddler
3. Just run the Fiddler
4. Click Tab autoresponder (which its icon green lightning)
5. Check the "Enable automatic responses" and also "Permit passthrough for unmatched requests"
6. Drop it. SWF file that you downloaded earlier to the column autoresponder
7. Go to Ninja Saga
8. After that clean the caches
9. Just select the character who would you play

How to Clear cache:
* For Mozilla Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Choose Network Tab -> Clear Now -> Click OK
* For Google Chrome: Select the icon in the upper right corner (next to the stars) -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data -> Empty the cache -> Clear Browsing Data

Itulah Cheat TP Ninja Saga 28 Oktober 2012 Terbaru dari Info The Tips semoga bermanfaat

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